Saturday, 2 September 2017

Summer 2017 Wrap Up

SLA had a busy calendar of events over the summer. Our first event of the semester was our iced coffee fundraiser, held over the lunch hour on June 19th to 21st. It was one of our most successful fundraisers to date! Students, faculty, and staff appreciated the easy access to caffeine since the Tim Horton's in the building next door was closed for the summer.

We held two tours during the semester. First, the Toronto tour on July 6th gave us a chance to get an insider look at the City of Toronto Archives, the Merril Collection of Science Fiction, Speculation & Fantasy at TPL, and the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives. Please see the previous post for more information and pictures. Our second tour was to the mental health library at the Parkwood Institute in London on July 24th. Library staff gave us a great overview of their services and collections. Their unique setup serves both staff and patients and was very interesting to see!

Finally, SLA Toronto Technology & Communications Director (and UWO SLA alum) Sarah Morrison visited the FIMS Graduate Library on July 20th to present a talk on "Writing Outside the Ivory Tower." Several SLA members joined her for drinks at the Grad Club after her talk.

Thank you to everyone who participated or assisted with these events!

At our final meeting of the semester, we began discussing our plans for next semester. Thanks to outgoing Communications Director, Eleonore Shaffer. Our incoming executive will be:
Chair: Meg Antoine
Secretary: Danielle Drimmie
Events Coordinator: Jordan Bulbrook
Communications Director: Sarah Bartlett
Fundraiser: Vanessa Wdowiak
Treasurer: Nadine Poulos
Records Manager (new position): Katie McNamara
First Term Rep: TBD

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