Wednesday, 25 June 2014

@ SLA 2014 Annual Conference in Vancover

I have just returned from the SLA 2014 Annual Conference held in the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC from June 8-10, 2014. Perhaps it’s the post-conference adrenaline rush, but I am feeling more educated and inspired already.

Over the span of 3 days, I connected with many interesting individuals I didn't know before, attended a number of networking events, presentations, and vendor/aggregator demos, and collected a LOT of library-related “swag". For my first time to a big conference like this one hosted by SLA, I left feeling pretty accomplished.

If I learned anything at all, it came down to these 4 things:

  1. The importance and how-to of networking
  2. The need to have a broad scope and flexibility as an information professional
  3. How to create and maintain a professional presence in the Information Age
  4. How to conduct efficient and effective meetings
(Honourable Mention: How to use Twitter through practical, hands-on experience - if you follow me on Twitter @megscellany, you'll notice that majority of my Tweets were about #SLA2014.)

You can read the rest of Megan's SLA 2014 Adventures at her blog Megscellany! 

Megan Siu is in her final term of her MLIS, she is currently the Event Coordinator for the UWO SLA student group. Follow her on her blog or twitter!

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